Conference Topics
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Circuits and Systems
• Analog Circuits
• Digital Circuits
• Mixed Signal Circuits
• Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
• Filters and Data Conversion Circuits
• RF and Wireless Circuits
• Photonic and Optoelectronic Circuits
• Low Power Design and VLSI Physical Design
• Biomedical Circuits
• Assembly and Packaging
• System Test and Reliability
• Electromagnetic Compatibility
• Optoelectronic photonic devices
• Power semiconductors, passive components and packaging technologies
• Switch-mode power supplies and UPS
•Advanced Technologies (i.e. MEMS and Nano-electronic Devices)

Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
• Generation Systems
• Modelling and Simulation
• Load Modelling
• Power Quality and Grounding
• Maintenance and Operation
• Distribution System Planning and Reliability
• Flexible AC Transmission Systems

Smartgrids Technologies & Applications
• Smart grid for distributed energy resources
•Smart grid in interdependent energy infrastructures
• Smart grid for intelligent monitoring and outage management
• Smart grid aplications and technologies
• Smart grid for plug-in vehicles and low-carbon transportation alternatives
• Smart grid for cyber and physical security systems
• Distributed and Co-Generation Systems
• Hydro Power Plants

Power Systems and Applications
• Hard-switching and soft-switching static converters
• Multilevel converters
• Matrix converters
• Power Converters Modelling
• EMI and over-voltage protection
• High Voltage Engineering and Insulation Technology
• Power Delivery
• Power Electronics Components and Packaging
• Electric Drivers and Application
• Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)
• Power engineering related technologies
• Power System & Energy Engineering
• Power System Protection, Operation and Control
• Transmission & Distribution System and Apparatus
• Power System Stability
• Power System Modeling, Simulation and Analysis
• Electromagnetic Transients Programs (EMTP)
• Power Market and Power System Economics

Power Electronics Technologies
• Power electronics in traction and automotive
• Bearingless drive technologies
• Applications of power electronics in home appliance, industry and aerospace
• Modeling and simulation in power electronics
• Power electronics education/professional development
• Telecommunications power supplies
• Electronics, Information & Control Systems

Electrical Machines and Adjustable Speed Drives
• AC and DC Machines and Drives,
• Reluctance machines and drives
• Permanent magnet machines and drives
• Linear machines and drives
• Sensorless control
• Piezo and electrostatic actuators,
• Maintenance and Fault Diagnosis
• Electrical Vehicles
• EMC related phenomena
• Electrical Machines
• Control Theory and Applications
• Intelligent Systems and Approach
• Motor drives and motion control
• Analysis and design of electrical machines